Taiji Yangsheng Zhang (Tai Chi Life Nourishing Stick) was developed by the Chinese Health Qigong Association based on yin-yang and human-nature harmony to promote a healthy and long life. Tai Chi Stick exercise consists of eight graceful, slow and flowing movements done with a stick that becomes an extension of the body.

These movements strengthen the internal organs, muscles, tendons, joints, correct the posture, increase flexibility, and balance the energy by massaging the energy points and meridians with the stick, and by directing the mind, breath and energy with Tai Chi principles.

Free Online Introductory Class

October 5, 19:30 – 20:40  (For Zoom link, please send a message to tariktekman@gmail.com)

Online Training

12, 19, 26 October 19:30-20:40
2, 16, 23, 30 November and 7 December 18:30-19:40

There will be no class on November 9 due to the Cyprus Qigong and Tai Chi Gathering.
There will be no video recording of the lessons.
All hours are Cyprus time.
At the beginning of each lesson we will briefly repeat and correct previous movements, but try attending all lessons and practice daily to learn the details and deepen your practice.

Fee: €95 or 2,800 TL (includes 8 lessons of 70 minutes each. The introductory lesson on October 5 is free)