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  • Online Qigong Workshops

Online Qigong Workshops

Online Qigong Workshops are on Zoom once a month and are open to everyone with or without previous Qigong experience. All hours are Cyprus time and the workshops are delivered in English & Turkish. Workshops are open for registration until 24 hours before the workshop starting time. There is sharing and Q&A times at the beginning and the end of the workshops. On 17 August the topic is Central Channel Qigong and the following workshops will be mainly on Standing Tree (Zhan Zhuang) Qigong. If you have no previous experience of Standing Tree Qigong start watching the Qigong Training Videos before the workshops.

17 August 19:00-21:00 – Central Channel Qigong

Qigong considers the human as a bridge between heaven and earth. The highway on this bridge is the central channel, the first meridian formed in the body, running through the spine and feeding the other energy channels. Central Channel Qigong improves the health, opens the energy blockages, reduces headache and neck & back pain, aligns the spine and balances the energy by opening and easing the energy flow on the central channel and the two guarding channels with simple movements.

Fee: €20

Reservation: send the fee by PayPal at least 24 hours before the workshop. Make sure to add your email address and mobile phone to the payment notes. I will email you the Zoom link and the practice card after I receive your payment. If you don’t get an email from me within 24 hours send an email to or call +90 533 841 8000.

Other Workshop Dates

14 September 19:00-21:00
12 October 19:00-21:00
9 November 19:00-21:00
7 December 19:00-21:00