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Qigong Home Training – Standing Tree Qigong (6 Apr – 15 Jul)

Qigong Home Training videos

15 weeks Qigong training with videos, practice cards and Zoom online classes:
Mondays 08:00: Video of the week is released. Practice with that video.
Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:00-10:40: Online Class (Password: home)
10:00-10:40 Online Class
All other days practice with the same video and next Monday move on to the new video.

All hours are Cyprus Time (UK +2 or CET +1 hours) Every Monday separate English & Turkish videos are published. Online classes are bi-lingual. Online classes do not repeat the details already covered in the videos but include deepening the exercises, corrections & adjustments, answering the questions, and additional practices. The only class of the last week will be on Wednesday, 15th July – on the 100th day of the training.

The training is donation based. Donate any amount with any frequency (just once, weekly, monthly etc)

Join Thursday 10:00-10:40 Class
Join The Last Class – Wednesday, 15th Jul 10:00-10:40
Week 1 Practice Card
Week 2 Practice Card
Week 3 Practice Card
Week 4 Practice Card
Week 5 Practice Card
Week 6 Practice Card
Week 7 Practice Card
Week 8 Practice Card
Week 9 Practice Card
Week 10 Practice Card
Week 11 Practice Card
Week 12 Practice Card
Week 13 Practice Card
Week 14 Practice Card


I share Standing Tree Qigong videos, practice cards and online classes for free and appreciate any amount of donation.

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Can not join the online classes? Do you want me to check your practice, answer your questions and teach you in person?

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