Bırak means “allow” in Turkish. In a Bırak session through conversation, silence and meditation you can explore:

  • How you resist yourself, life?
  • How this resistance affects your body, breath, energy, and relationships?
  • Why you resist, and if it serves your purpose?
  • What if you meet this resistance, yourself, life?

Let Go – Meet Yourself

Do I hold my breath? What if I allow the breath exhale itself?
Is my body relaxed? Are there places I tense up?
What if I stop clinging to identity, belief, thought, posession, memory, consumption, struggle, expectation?


Let Be – Meet Life

Do I let the breath in? What if I allow the breath inhale itself?
What are the emotions and feelings I resist? In what part of my body are they? What if I let them be?
What if I drop blame, denial, exclusion, unforgiving, forcing, escape, hostility, role-play, being right, rigidity?