4 Days in Nature – Beşparmak Trail 2nd Phase, 20-24 March 2020 Cyprus

Beşparmak (Pentadaktylos) Trail is 255 km long from Cape Kormacit (Kormakitis) to Cape Zafer (Apostolos Andreas). We will hike the second phase of the trail in 4 days and practice nature connection, meditation, Tai Chi or Qigong during some of the breaks. We will also stargaze one night at Cape Kormacit (Kormakitis), one of the best dark sites in Cyprus. Breakfast and dinner will be at the hotel and lunch (sandwich & fruit) on the trail. All meals are vegetarian. Accommodation: Lapida Hotel

A private minibus will drop and collect us to and from the trail everyday. If the weather is not favourable for hiking, we will practice Qigong / Tai Chi at the hotel on that day. Hiking distance and pace will be moderate for people with average fitness.

Bring hiking shoes/boats, at least 2L capacity bottle, long trousers, hat, sunscreen, toilet paper, a cloth to sit on during the breaks, mobile phone, rain coat and back pack. There’s a dispenser with hot & cold water in the hotel’s restaurant.

Fee: 1,830 TL (€290) per person in a triple room, 1,990 TL (€320) per person in a twin room or 2390 TL (€380) per person in a single room.

Fee includes accommodation, vegetarian meals, hiking, practices during breaks, the transportation between the hotel and trail, stargazing at Cape Kormacit and the transfer to and from there. Pay 50% for reservation. Balance is due 20th March latest. Reservation: tarik@tariktekman.com

Friday, 20th March
18:30 Dinner (check-in starts at 14:00)

21, 22, 23 March
08:00-09:00 Breakfast at the hotel
09:00 Departure for the trail (returning in the afternoon)
18:00 Dinner at the hotel

Tuesday, 24th March
08:00-09:00 Breakfast at the hotel
09:00 Departure for the trail
Returning the hotel and checkout in the afternoon

(There will be 1-1.5 hour stargazing one of the nights at Cape Kormacit)