• We can help our health by practicing natural and simple holistic health exercises:


    An exercise that strengthens the body, boosts the energy and opens the energy blockages with simple postures and movements. It is also one of the 4 healing methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    Tai chi

    An exercise that strengthens the balance and calms the mind and is practiced for health or defense.

    Dorn Method

    A wholistic, effective, safe and Non-manipulative therapy to correct misalignments in the spine and joints and a True Self Help Method.

    The Work of Byron Katie

    A simple way to inquire into our stressful thoughts and beliefs.

    Tarık Tekman

    Tarik Tekman Zhan Zhuang QigongHe took his first Qigong and Tai Chi class in 2001 to help with his meniscus and joint pains. When he discovered that he not only got rid of these pains soon but these exercises also helped to boost his energy, immune system and his mood, he started to practice Qigong and Tai Chi with different masters in Europe, China and Thailand.

    In 2008 he started to teach Qigong in Cyprus and then in Istanbul and soon after that he also started teaching Tai Chi and training new Qigong instructors.

    He graduated from the School for The Work of Byron Katie in 2010 and completed his Dorn Method & Breuss Massage Advanced Therapist training in 2014.

    He also learned Basic Shiatsu at European Shiatsu School; trained by Stephen Victor in Bert Hellinger Family Constellation and by Ihaleakala Hew Len in Ho’oponopono and participated in the Satsangs of Stuart Schwartz.

    He is one of the few Qigong instructors who is authorized by Master Lam to teach Qigong and train new Qigong instructors. He teaches Qigong and Tai Chi and facilitates The Work of Byron Katie in Cyprus and Turkey.